Family flavours cookbook

Family flavours cookbookRecipes written by a mum of three and a registered nutritionist. These easy family-friendly recipes are healthy and get the whole family cooking.

Our newest cookbook brings you 7 recipes tried-and-tested by kids who love them! These recipes are suitable for the whole family (from 2 years old upwards).

Learning how to prepare healthy meals is an important skill in life, and the earlier children start the better. That’s why we’ve also included tips and advice on how to get kids in the kitchen for each recipe.

Our cookbooks and other health information resources can empower people to make lifestyle choices that can help prevent cancer, so we can live happy, healthy cancer-free lives.

What do parents think?

Becky, mum of two, ages three and five, said: “Our girls have always been interested in helping in the kitchen – crushing garlic, peeling onions, chopping carrots, etc. These ideas are great to show parents that kids can do more than they think!”

Helen, mum of three, said: “Really love the variety of recipes and the super user-friendly steps to each meal.”

Bernie, who has a seven-year-old daughter, said: “Good recipes, easy to follow and informative. I really liked the tips on getting children involved, and there’s a good mix of recipes to suit all tastes.”

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