Living with cancer during coronavirus

Helping people undergoing cancer treatment to eat well during the Covid-19 pandemic.

At World Cancer Research Fund, we work with oncology specialists to provide support sessions for people living with and beyond cancer.

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Next support group

  • Date: Wednesday 24 November 2021
  • Time: 1–2pm
  • Topic: Sugar and cancer

Our monthly patient support group sessions are back!

Our oncology specialist dietitian, Adele Hug, will be hosting a lunchtime session discussing the topic of sugar and cancer. We’ll also go through the biological effects of sugar consumption in relation to cancer cell growth.

This group session is open to all cancer patients, survivors and carers. It’s an opportunity to ask as many questions as you want and receive specialist advice.

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There will be further support sessions on Wednesday 29 December, Wednesday 26 January and Wednesday 23 February. More details on these soon.

Online cookery classes with World Cancer Research Fund and Life Kitchen

Life Kitchen logoWe’ve partnered with Life Kitchen to provide free, online cookery classes for people who have been affected by cancer.

During the class, chef Ryan Riley and Life Kitchen staff will show you how to cook healthy recipes from our Ryan Riley recipe booklet, as well as practical, flavour-enhancing cooking techniques that can help with taste changes often associated with cancer.

You’ll also have access to a free, private, online group session with our registered oncology dietitian, Adele Hug. This is an opportunity to receive specialist dietary advice and specific ways to tailor the recipes to suit your individual needs.

Each attendee will receive a free cookery class pack which will be both emailed to you and sent via post. The pack contains everything needed to prepare for the online cooking class and further support for anyone living with and beyond cancer.

Each pack contains:

  • A £15 food shopping e-voucher to cover the cost of ingredients, sent via email.
  • A Ryan Riley recipe booklet – the recipes for your cookery class will be in this.
  • A sensory item – we are using nose plugs and there will be a demonstration on this during the class.
  • An Eat well during cancer booklet – this booklet is to help with the management of many side-effects associated with cancer and cancer treatment.
  • Other WCRF and Life Kitchen resources.

Classes last for 90 minutes and will cover three dishes. Currently on the menu are:

> Pineapple tacos with prawns, chilli and lime
> Soft scrambled eggs with zaatar and green chutney
> Maple brûlée pears

These classes are location specific and we’re currently delivering online classes for the following regions in the east and north-east of England:

  • Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire
  • Sunderland, Country Durham and other cities in north-east England

If this is something you’d like to get involved in, visit the Life Kitchen website to get booking and start cooking!

Enjoy your class!

If you have any questions please email

About Life Kitchen

Life Kitchen was set up as a free, UK-wide cooking school to help people living with cancer by teaching cooking skills and providing recipes that help to restore the pleasure they get from food by focusing on taste.

This is an important issue as cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and certain medications can affect the way foods and drinks taste, as can cancer itself.

Recipes by Life Kitchen help to tackle the loss of taste and enjoyment from food in those living with cancer by using ingredients that enhance the flavour of each dish.