Coronavirus (COVID-19) resources

Browse our resources to help you keep active, eat well and look after your wellbeing during the pandemic.

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, some people will still be at home in self-isolation. We want to support people self-isolating as well as those coming out of lockdown looking for safe activities to do while socially distancing.

We have resources on:

  • keeping active in the house and outdoors
  • eating healthily when your food cupboards are less well stocked
  • staying entertained and in a good mental state
  • how to entertain children

Keep on moving

Matt Lambert, our Health Information Officer, says:

“It can be hard for us to keep moving when we’re not doing all our normal activities or going to gyms. We’ll share activities for a range of age groups, including older people, that can be done around the home.”

Top tips to make standing a habit and encourage you to take regular breaks from being inactive.

Stretches to help improve and maintain flexibility.

Train your muscles for everyday tasks such as carrying shopping bags.

Matt has designed a full workout that can be done at home with no gym equipment.

Eat well

All the recipes on our website have been designed by nutritionists to help people eat well and cook healthy food.

For children

We have a dedicated section for children on our website called Eat Move Learn, which has lots of fun activities for children to do, plus factsheets to download. All the resources are designed to help children learn about being healthy. Sidonie, who runs our families programme, has lots of ideas for how to stay busy.

A question of mindfulness

WCRF Trustee Jeffrey Bunn sends a video message to all our supporters, and asks a simple question about mindfulness. If you want to answer his question, then do please send an email back to: