World Gaming Day

We are thrilled to announce that we are a charity partner for World Gaming Day on 22 October 2022!

World Gaming Day is a chance to pick up your gaming console and join your family and friends to raise funds for our vital work in preventing cancer and helping those living with cancer and beyond.

Whether you are a MarioKart pro, a Monopoly maniac, or merely a part-time Candy Crusher – everyone is welcome! Host the event online as a stream or in person on the 22nd October. The idea is that everyone donates £10 to WCRF, it’s that simple.

Sign up here

How does it work?

  1. Sign up using the link.
  2. Invite your friends and family to your gaming day – we will send you all the resources you need – a fundraising pack with fundraising ideas, promotional print outs, and invites.
  3. Plan your day – what do you need? Gaming themed snacks? Extra controllers? Board games?
  4. Fundraise!! Share your fundraising page, we recommend asking for a £10 donation per person joining your gaming day.

There’s lots more ways to raise extra money while during the event:

  • Donate an extra £1 to play in a tournament
  • Set up a playlist on Spotify, asking people to add your list in exchange for a donation
  • Players pay to change the game and that get those with the highest or lowest score to donate – get inventive!
  • Ask everyone to make and bring gaming-themed healthy snacks and hold a competition for the best bake!

If you’re regularly streaming on Twitch, YouTube or Facebook, why not use your audience to raise money for WCRF on World Gaming Day.

Everyone’s welcome

A group of people participating in World Gaming DayWorld Gaming Day is for everyone, regardless of age, background or ability. Die-hard gamers can take part, but it is also open to first time gamers or those who fancy trying something a bit different as they raise vital funds for their chosen charity.

Get in touch with Freya at if you have any questions or want to find out more.

Don’t forget to post photos of your World Gaming Day event online – we look forward to seeing your game faces!

Sign up here