The Cancer & Nutrition Helpline

We’re launching a much-needed dietary support telephone helpline for those who have received a cancer diagnosis.

8 out of 10 cancer patients tell us they don't receive any dietary support
At World Cancer Research Fund, we believe all cancer patients should be able to access tailored nutritional advice throughout their treatment and beyond.

That’s why we’re collaborating with the oncology dietitians at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Trust (GSST) to launch a dietary support telephone helpline for GSST patients who have received a cancer diagnosis.

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Cancer side-effects

We know that when you’re living with cancer and going through treatment for cancer, food can seem unappealing and many people lose their appetite altogether.

There are also other life-changing side effects that often occur as a result of cancer and cancer treatment, including lack of nutrient absorption, mouth ulcers and dietary complications which often lead to nutritional deficiency, and heavily impact the quality of life of people living with and beyond cancer.

Lack of nutrition support

Many cancer patients have reported that they don’t / didn’t have access to any nutritional support when going through cancer treatment. And those that did / do have access, often experience long waiting periods before receiving group support or one-to-one support from oncology specialist dietitians.

With the impact of Covid-19, these waiting periods are likely to be much longer and nutritional support may be even more limited.

We want to minimise those waiting times and provide more access to specialist support by working with the oncologist dietitians from GSST to launch a dietitian helpline in Spring 2022.

With your support, over 1,100 patients will have access to clinical oncology dietary support within 12 months of using the helpline.

£10 could cover oncology dietary support for 1 patient living with cancer

£25 could cover calling costs of up to 10 patients living with cancer

£50 could cover oncology dietary support for up to 5 patients living with cancer

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