Eat Move Learn: meet the team

Eat Move Learn is a fun way to learn about healthy eating and keeping fit for 7–11 year olds.

Hey there! Welcome to Eat Move Learn, our awesome website all about keeping healthy while having fun for children 7–11 years old.

You’ll discover cool facts about healthy eating and being active, along with quizzes, fun activities, tips on growing fruit and vegetables, and tasty recipes to try out in the kitchen.

Say hi to the Eat Move Learn team: Searcher, Pedal, Flower and Mixer!


SearcherI’m Searcher and I love learning new things and wowing people with random facts about food and fitness – ask me anything. Did you know that a banana is actually a berry? Yep, berries usually have their seeds inside the fruit’s skin, and in bananas, you can’t even taste those tiny seeds! Cool, right?

I can tell you all about what you need to stay healthy, and I don’t want to brag, but I can name a fruit or vegetable for every letter of the alphabet!

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PedalHiya, I’m Pedal! I’ve got so much energy I just want to move – All. The. Time! It drives everyone bananas, so good thing being active is good for me.

I’ve got activities that will get you moving with me – whether it’s inside or outside, so don’t worry about the weather!

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FlowerHi, I’m Flower and I like watching things grow and change. Did you know lots of the foods we eat come from different parts of a plant? Well, that’s why I grow things I can eat!

Gardening is also a really fun and easy way to be active, which means Pedal and I are great friends.

You can grow food anywhere – it doesn’t have to be in a garden! You could use a window ledge or even ask about planting something at school.

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MixerHey there, I’m Mixer and I love cooking healthy meals and making tasty snacks – the best bit is obviously eating them at the end! It’s even better when I get to cook for my family – everyone making “mmm” noises at the dinner table over my cooking.

You can find out lots of different cooking tips from me like what cooking words mean and equipment you need in the kitchen to get you cooking like a pro – so don’t worry if you’ve never done it before!

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