Easy recipes to cook with children

Try mini pesto pizzas, berry oat crumble, veggie samosas and vegetable lasagne.

You can download, print and share our recipe cards to get children inspired to cook and eat well.

Check out these 4 tasty recipes you can try at home as a young chef! They’re not only delicious and healthy, but also great for learning new skills in the kitchen. They are all simple to make and perfect for a fun family activity.

Mini pesto pizzas

Did you know pesto is made from basil? Basil is a fragrant herb that you can grow and care for at home.

Learn to make tasty mini pesto pizzas – they’re fun to make and a great way to enjoy a healthier pizza.

Skills you’ll learn: grating, cutting, measuring

Mini pesto pizza recipe card

> Download the mini pesto pizza recipe card

Berry and oat crumble

Did you know that berries are filled with fibre, vitamins and minerals? They’re healthy, count as 1 of your 5 A DAY and taste amazing! Oats are a great source of fibre too, making this dessert both delicious and healthy.

Try this tasty berry and oat crumble recipe – perfect for when you want a snack or something sweet to eat.

Skills you’ll learn: rubbing-in, trying new fruits, measuring

Berry oat crumble recipe card

> Download the berry oat crumble recipe card

Veggie samosas

Samosas are tasty pastries filled with spices, vegetables and sometimes meat. They’re popular in India, but did you know that they were first made in the Middle East?

Our samosa recipe uses chickpeas instead of meat. Chickpeas are small, round and light tan plant foods. They belong to a food group called pulses, which grow in pods – like beans and lentils.

Learn how to make your own healthy veggie samosas – crispy, golden pockets filled with yummy vegetables, chickpeas and spices. Vegetables and chickpeas are filled with vitamins and minerals, and each count as 1 of your 5 A DAY.

Skills you’ll learn: grating, folding, measuring

Veggie samosas recipe card

> Download the veggie samosas recipe card

Veggie lasagne

Lasagne is a kind of pasta made into flat sheets. It is one of the oldest pastas and is popular in Italy. Different cities in Italy have different names for it. For example, in Verona they call it pasticcio!

Get ready to make veggie lasagne with your family! It’s filled with tasty ingredients and a great way to enjoy a healthier version of lasagne.

Skills you’ll learn: grating, crushing garlic, measuring

Veggie lasagne recipe card

> Download the veggie lasagne recipe card