Impact Report 2020-2021

Welcome to our Impact Report, giving you a sense of what World Cancer Research Fund achieved during 2020-2021.

Download our Impact Report infographic (PDF 4MB)

Our challenge

  • 40% of cancer cases could be prevented
  • That’s 147,000 every year who develop a preventable cancer in the UK
  • 2 in 3 people diagnosed with cancer tell us they don’t receive any nutrition or physical activity support
  • Globally, new cancer cases are predicted to increase by over 60% in the next 20 years to 29.4m cases a year by 2040
  • 1 in 2 of us will be diagnosed with cancer in our lifetime

What we achieved

  • 19 research grants were awarded, totalling £4.4million*
  • 26,869 Health Information resources ordered or downloaded (including health guides, recipe books and posters)
  • 2,045 health professionals signed up to one of our specialist webinar and e-Learning courses
  • 303 patients, carers and family members attended one of our tailored cookery classes or support groups
  • 15,962 donors (individuals, companies, trusts) supported us during the year, helping to raise £10.8million**
  • 5,732 calls to our supporter services line

*funds raised by WCRF in the UK and WKOF in the Netherlands
**the above figure may be updated once our Trustees’ Report and financial statements have been approved