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Useful links

If you are seeking additional information on health or nutrition issues, the following list of websites may be helpful.

Please note that none of the sites listed are affiliated to World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF UK) and inclusion on this list does not imply endorsement, recommendation or approval by the WCRF global network.

This list is for information purposes only and neither the individual sites, nor the information they offer, has been evaluated by WCRF UK.

We want to keep this list of links current and useful. Please send any comments regarding problems with these links, or your opinions of the sites reached via these links, to WCRF UK at

Association for the Study of Obesity 

British Dietetic Association

British Nutrition Foundation

Department of Health

Dietitians in Obesity Management

Food Standards Agency

Freelance Dietitians Group

Ismaili Nutrition Centre 

National Obesity Forum

National Obesity Observatory

NHS Choices

NHS Evidence


Nutrition Society

The Practising Midwife

Royal College of Nursing

Walking the Way to Health

World Health Organization