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Cancer Research

World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF UK) funds cancer prevention research into how cancer risk can be reduced and interprets evidence to give people the information they need to reduce their cancer risk.

How research is done

How our research is done

Solving the diet-cancer mystery is a combination of research, which help to provide clues to a future free from cancer.

UK funded research

WCRF UK-funded research

We fund research at home and abroad that piece by piece make up the cancer prevention picture.

Cancer Prevention Report

Our cancer prevention report

Our landmark cancer prevention report is the most comprehensive picture of how people can reduce their cancer risk.

Cancer Prevention Policy Report

Our policy report

We look at what can be done to influence and change the lifestyle choices that people make, as they relate to cancer risk.

Continuous Update Project

Continuous Update Project

Updating the evidence on diet, physical activity, weight management and cancer is key to providing the right cancer prevention advice.

Cancer statistics

Cancer statistics

Our statistics of cancer cases in the UK and estimates for how many cases could be prevented through healthy lifestyle choices.

Types of cancer

Types of cancer

We look at the types of cancer where there is strong evidence that risk is affected by diet, physical activity and weight management.

Cancer prevention advice

Cancer prevention advice

Our evidence-based recommendations give the best advice available on how individuals can reduce their cancer risk.