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Our cancer prevention report

In November 2007, World Cancer Research Fund global network published its landmark Expert Report, which was the most comprehensive report ever produced on the links between lifestyle and cancer risk.

Publishing the report

The Report took six years to produce. In the initial sweep, half a million studies were found, which were screened down to 22,000. Eventually, 7,000 were deemed relevant and met the rigorous quality criteria for definitive conclusions to be drawn.

This information was then presented to an Expert Panel of 21 world-renowned scientists, who developed our Recommendations for Cancer Prevention that people can incorporate into their daily lives.

Moving forward

Due to the growth in research into cancer prevention we realised that a static report would never truly remain up-to-date. For this reason, we established the Continuous Update Project to maintain a central database of accumulated evidence related to food, nutrition, physical activity and cancer updated on an ongoing basis.

Because of the thoroughness of the Report, the expertise of the panel and the ongoing review of new research, people can be confident that WCRF UK present the best advice available anywhere in the world on how to reduce cancer risk.

Why not get more information and download the report.

Global cancer prevention report


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