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Healthy Workplaces

Healthy Workplaces

A healthy workplace can increase motivation, creativity and productivity. Use our interactive audit tool to see how healthy your workplace is, download our free resources, and motivate your colleagues to live a healthier lifestyle by taking one of our Healthy Workplace Challenges.

How healthy is your workplace (Audit tool)

How healthy is your workplace?

Use our interactive tool to find out and receive a free personalised workplace health report.

Optional extras

Healthy living workshop

If you want to promote health and wellbeing at your workplace, our Healthy Living Workshop is a great way to engage colleagues.

The Healthy Workplace Challenges

Based on our 10 ways to prevent cancer, our six Healthy Workplace Challenges can help motivate colleagues to lead a healthier lifestyle. The Challenges are free, so you can do as many as you want.

What is the Healthy Workplace Challenge?

What are the Healthy Workplace Challenges?

Take a look at our six Challenges and find out what you need to run one in your workplace.

Why sign up?

Why sign up to a Challenge?

Information on why health is important both for staff and their employers and the benefits of a healthy workplace.

Sign up to a challenge now

Sign up to a Challenge now

Ready to get going on a Challenge? Sign up here.



Frequently asked questions about the Healthy Workplace Challenges.