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What’s in season? - August

For cancer prevention, experts recommend that we base our diet around nutritious plant foods. Use the search facility below to find out when vegetables and fruits are in season in the UK. Vegetables and fruits are generally at their nutritional best, tastiest and cheapest when they are in season.

This month's seasonal fruit and vegetables:

Apple imageAppleApricots imageApricots
Aubergine imageAubergineBeetroot imageBeetroot
Blueberries imageBlueberriesBroccoli imageBroccoli
Cabbage – savoy imageCabbage – savoyCarrots imageCarrots
Cauliflower imageCauliflowerCelery imageCelery
Cherries imageCherriesCourgettes imageCourgettes
Cucumber imageCucumberDamsons imageDamsons
Green beans imageGreen beansLeeks imageLeeks
Mango imageMangoMelon imageMelon
Mushrooms imageMushroomsNectarine imageNectarine
Onion imageOnionPapaya imagePapaya
Peach imagePeachPeas imagePeas
Peppers imagePeppersPlums imagePlums
Radish imageRadishRaspberries imageRaspberries
Salad leaves (mixed) imageSalad leaves (mixed)Spinach imageSpinach
Strawberries imageStrawberriesSugarsnap peas imageSugarsnap peas
Sweetcorn imageSweetcornTomatoes imageTomatoes
Watercress imageWatercress

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Please note: Whilst every effort has been made to provide accurate information, what's in season will vary depending on region, vegetable and fruit variety, and crop availability. Please check with local suppliers for more precise information.

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