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Are you active enough?

Doing exercise, playing sport, being active and staying active... no matter what term you use to describe it, physical activity has an important role to play in your health.

What matters is the amount and type of physical activity you do. Aim to increase the activities you do as a regular part of your life that help to use up calories, tone your muscles, flex your joints and strengthen your body.

Being physically active helps you to feel healthier, manage your weight and lower your risk of cancer and other diseases.

Is there enough physical activity in your life to promote good health? Try our quiz!

Please choose the answer that most closely represent what you actually do, or what you would be most likely to do, in each situation.

Daily life:
  1. How physically active is your job, whether a paid position or as someone taking care of a household?

Current level of fitness
  1. If you were asked to objectively and truthfully describe your current level of fitness, you'd say you were:

Fitness choices:
  1. If you have a choice between walking up or down some stairs and using a lift, would you probably:
  2. I always take the stairs if I have the choice

  1. How often do you play a sport or do an active hobby, such as swimming, walking, dancing, jogging or cycling?
  2. Several times a week

If you have to nip to a shop about half a mile away, would you:
  1. Always walk or cycle

Are you active enough? - healthy runner

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