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Student skydives in memory of relatives who battled cancer

An Edinburgh University student threw herself out of a plane to raise money for cancer prevention, after several members of her family fought the disease.

Man fundraises in tribute to sister who died of bowel cancer following incorrect diagnoses

A man is running for World Cancer Research Fund in memory of his sister after she died of bowel cancer, following incorrect diagnoses of Crohn’s disease and inflammatory bowel disease.

Health benefits of outdoors play with other children revealed as charity launches the Move More Challenge

How children spend their after-school hours has a big impact on their levels of physical activity, new research has discovered, highlighting the need for children to be given more opportunities to play outdoors with friends.

Mother runs London Marathon after losing both parents to cancer within three years

A young mother who lost both her parents to cancer in the space of two years is running the London Marathon to raise money for cancer prevention.

Ascot cancer survivor, 73, goes from barely being able to climb stairs to running races

A cancer survivor who overcame the debilitating disease has gone from barely being able to walk to attending fit camps.

Body weight linked to ovarian cancer for first time

Scientists have linked ovarian cancer – the most deadly gynaecological cancer in the UK – to being overweight for the first time.

World Cancer Day: Half don’t know about link between diet and cancer

Around half of Britons don’t recognise the importance of diet in protecting against cancer, demonstrating that many of the myths about the disease are still widely believed.

UK women have 10th highest rate in world for cancers linked to inactivity

Women in the UK have the 10th highest rate in the world for cancers linked to a lack of physical activity, according to recently released figures.

It causes cancer and can help weight loss – just two of the frequent errors about coffee

One in ten Britons believe coffee causes cancer, according to a poll commissioned by World Cancer Research Fund that reveals the common misconceptions about coffee.

Early intervention in childhood diets needed to avoid obesity, study finds

Seven-year-old children with unhealthy diets are likely to carry their eating habits into adolescence, increasing their risk of obesity, according to new research.

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