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How we can help

WCRF UK is the leading authority on the links between cancer risk and diet (which includes alcohol, physical activity and weight). We also have information about the role breastfeeding plays in cancer prevention.

We can give you information on:

  • Whether there is any evidence that a particular lifestyle choice affects cancer risk.
  • Why scientists believe that a particular lifestyle choice increases or decreases cancer risk.
  • How people can incorporate our practical advice into their daily lives.

What we can’t help you with

The evidence is clear that not smoking is the best thing you can do for cancer prevention. But because it is so well established, it is not a focus for WCRF UK. If your piece is about this, you would be better approaching another cancer charity for information.

We do not fund research into environmental factors that do not come under the definition of diet, physical activity and weight management, and so are not qualified to speak about them (though we do cover breastfeeding).

Also, we do not fund research into the treatment of cancer. Again, if this is the subject of your story then you would be better approaching another charity. We do, however, look at how cancer survivors can reduce their risk of cancer recurring, and are able to talk about this subject.

Useful publications

Journalists can download the following publications, which may give useful background information

Recommendations for Cancer Prevention – this publication explains in accessible language how people can reduce their risk of cancer.

Solving the Diet and Cancer Mystery – this publication cuts through the jargon and explains the different ways scientists research the links between cancer and lifestyle.

Reporting Cancer Risk - this publication aims to explain how the science of disease risk is carried out and why the results are often misinterpreted.

We have a number of other cancer prevention publications available for download.

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