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Will Hodson

Will HodsonWill Hodson, a primary school teacher from Tooting, London and a dedicated supporter of World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF UK), was named our Supporter of the Quarter for spring 2009.

Over the years Will has supported and helped raise funds for WCRF UK by taking part in numerous running events and cycling challenges. His various fundraising adventures have included running the London Marathon and the Great North Run, cycling across France to Monaco, and being our ‘banana’ at the Beat the Banana! fun run in Hyde Park.

One year, Will raised extra money in the run-up to the London Marathon by dressing up as a gladiator continuously for the month before the race – even wearing his costume to school! “It was so much fun and certainly broke the ice with people at events,” Will said.

“On a serious note though, WCRF UK’s work is something I am passionate about. It’s important to let people know that many cases of cancer can be prevented. WCRF UK has a very unique message to that of other cancer charities; their focus is specifically on cancer prevention.

“WCRF UK’s Recommendations for Cancer Prevention are something everyone can incorporate into their daily routine with very little effort. I commend their publications and work with health professionals but, as a teacher, it’s their fantastic children’s health programmes that I feel most affinity with.

“With WCRF UK’s health advice I feel that I am able to make diet and lifestyle choices that will help to reduce my risk of cancer. Having lost loved ones to the disease I want to do everything to ensure that I and those around me are doing what they can to protect themselves.”

Three reasons why Will supports WCRF UK:

  1. WCRF UK is unique as they focus on cancer prevention research and education, which is an area that is often overlooked and underfunded.
  2. WCRF UK provides FREE resources for children’s health. The Great Grub Club magazine and website teaches 4-7 year old children about healthy eating and physical activity in a fun way. There are also resources for parents and teachers.
  3. WCRF UK's Recommendations for Cancer Prevention enable people to make diet and lifestyle choices that can reduce their risk of cancer.

Will was nominated for the Cosmopolitan Man of the Year Award and the South London Press Local Hero of the Year Award for his work, which has raised more than £12,000 for WCRF UK, to date.

Thank you, Will, for all your hard work and dedication!

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