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Muriel Hirst

Muriel HirstMuriel Hirst, who celebrated her 80th birthday in June 2009, has a lifelong interest in cancer prevention research. This is why she decided to make a donation towards WCRF fellowship places for a 2-week international Nutritional Epidemiology course held at Imperial College London (Sept 2009).

Muriel has been a supporter of WCRF UK for more than 20 years and is a devoted advocate of healthy living to help prevent cancer.

“I understand the importance and impact this course will have had in educating prospective researchers in the field of cancer prevention,” says Muriel. “I get great pleasure from supporting worthwhile projects, especially in this case as I had the opportunity to meet all six of the students who have benefited from the training this course provided.”

Muriel’s interest in cancer research was prompted by incidences of the disease in her own family. Her elder brother developed prostate cancer before passing away in 1994. Muriel has also set up a WCRF UK Forever Fund, a personal memorial tribute fund, in honour of her niece who battled cancer for a number of years.

Muriel tries to be active in her everyday life. Despite suffering some trouble from arthritis, she spends time looking after her garden. “As I’m not as active as I once was, I realise it is important that I eat healthily and avoid putting on any weight. I try to eat vegetables, such as carrots and greens, and I visit the country market every Friday to buy fresh foods.

WCRF UK would like to thank Muriel for her long-standing and generous support of our work, in particular her ongoing keen interest in our scientific research into cancer prevention.

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