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Lesley Sears

Lesley SearsBreast cancer survivor Lesley Sears, from Buckinghamshire was named WCRF UK’s Supporter of the Quarter for winter 2007.

Lesley has been an enthusiastic supporter of ours for many years, organising events such as coffee mornings to raise money for cancer prevention. She has even sold home-grown rhubarb to support WCRF UK!

Lesley has also taken part in WCRF UK’s Fruity Friday fundraising and awareness campaign over the years and raised more than £200 in 2007 alone, which was absolutely fantastic!

“I had breast cancer over 20 years ago, so I know all about the trauma that cancer can cause,” says Lesley. “It’s great to raise money for such a good cause and the bonus is that by raising awareness of the need to eat a healthy diet I’m also helping my friends and family reduce their risk of cancer.

“So far I have held bring-and-buy sales, sold seasonal vegetables and fruit and had a ‘guess how many gooseberries’ competition. Each event is always good fun and a great way of making new friends – my husband and I ask all our friends to invite a friend along, which means that we always get a great turnout,” says Lesley. “It feels good to be doing something so positive and know that I am helping in the fight to prevent cancer.”

We would like to thank Lesley for all of her hard work and generous support over the years. Our Second Expert Report and continuing work in cancer prevention would not be possible without the help of our supporters.

Many thanks to every one of you!

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